new purchase and build

Ok this may be a sin as it is no longer a short wing.

It started out as a tri pacer, the designer and builder passed away earlier this year. This is the 2nd of this design with 2 others being built with maybe a 3rd going into the jig latter this year.

Bob call his aircraft's " Bush Cruiser". The fuselage is stretched 20" aft of the baggage and the firewall moved 10" forward. This allows for the use of the PA14 windshield and really opes up the cockpit.

I am still catching up on all he did so far, I want it all in my head and understood be four i continue on with the project.

As for the wings I am not 100% sure if there pa-18 wings modded or pacer wings modded. I know they are huge and have 2 18 gallon tanks in both wings.

I will be happy to post progress as i go and add more photos.

Starting off with the easy things like finishing the brake lines and fuel lines.



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This is the prototype Bushcruiser. It was sold to a local here in ID and is flown very often


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