Our toys!


Port Saint Lucie, FL
The Tri-Pacer is Marsha’s airplane and the Ryan is mine. We purchased the Tri-Pacer last January, flew it to our hangar in Oregon and started an extensive annual inspection. That should be completed this coming January and then off to the interior shop. When it is completed we will take it home to Florida. We have owned the Ryan since 1990. About 10 years ago we brought it out of the museum and did a complete 8 year restoration. It’s first real outing after restoration was to the 2021 WAAAM flyin where we were honored to be awarded Grand Champion. The landing photo was taken by an unknown photographer while landing at Hood River. Both are a hoot to fly.
I have always wanted to fly a Ryan, they look like fun. The PBY brings back memories. Worked on Connie Edwards PBY many years ago. Figured out between it and his Goose that old flying boats are a pain to work on and need lots of attention but are way cool.
I knew Connie quite well. Great guy. Loss of Tex was a real tragedy. I sold Connie my Goose project after he wrecked his first one. If you worked on that one you had a lot of work to do! Our PBY is the old Bird Innovator. We flew it for a while and then put it down for an IRAN. That was almost 30 years ago. All new hull from the chine down plus all the other structural issues in removing the aux engines. She has all new hydraulics and we are working on all new wiring. Keeps us out of the biker bars.
Steve, we used your excellent parts in the Tri-Pacer’s new fuel system. All new aluminum lines with AN fittings. New Univair fuel valve and Steve’s gascolaters. New stainless primer lines and primer nozzles. The fuel gauge and fuel senders were overhauled by Lock Haven. Fuel tanks were removed and cleaned with all new fittings, quick drains and hoses installed. We made our own tank cork sender gaskets and the aircraft has all new wiring with a circuit breaker master switch. We will have some 18 new 337’s by the time the annual is completed! We installed your brake booster along with the new Cleveland wheels and disk brakes. We added the long step that the later Tri-Pacer’s have and added lower assist steps on each main gear leg so that you do not have to step on the tire getting in or out. The list just goes on and on but she will be safe, legal and dependable when we are finished.
I thought that PBY looked familiar... Wife & I stopped at the Bird museum in Idaho in 2015. Spent several hours there!
Connie was quite the character. We took a P51 apart at his place with a film crew, 4 or 5 dogs running around and Connie telling stories. Something I will never forget.

I put a new keel on his Goose after a single gear extension failure. It was in British livery.

This video is Connie less the normal expletives.