PA-20 Trim Indicator


Does anyone know if some PA-20s did not have a trim indicator installed to the rear of the trim handle? Perhaps some other place or not installed at all?
Here is what I found from the drawings.

Fuselage drawing 12550 for serial numbers PA20-1 thru 811 clearly depicts the trim indicator. Small detail drawing listing the parts and installation. Its looks exactly like mine for that serial number range.

Fuselage drawing 13920 for later serial numbers PA20 thru 934 only shows the handle. No detail drawing? No installation drawing showing the trim indicator, was it an error on the print 13920? Checked the "Controls" print for the serial number range, Drawing 13933, just in case they moved it from the fuselage drawing to controls. No luck there. Does the parts catalog show it for your serial number? If yes then it an error or omission on print 13920 or I could not see it on 13920.

za Clipper has the indicator on the top aft of the trim handle... at least the 16-1xx cereal numbers did, unless mine was fitted with it when Freitag took it from a basketcase of parts thru a ground up rebuild in the 80s
I just got the Piper drawings flash drive. I didn’t even think to look there. I’ll have to check it out when I get back home.

The Pacer in question is just slightly past the 934 and doesn’t appear to have an indicator anywhere.
The drawing numbers can also be found in the parts catalog. Sometimes it’s easier to find them there than in the SWPC listings. It’s item 29 in the controls section which list drawing 12988 for your effectivity
Every Clipper, Pacer, Tri-Pacer and Colt I have seen or worked on has had the same trim indicator behind the handle.