PA-22 Drum Brake Ring Loose

Badger, I merged your post with another thread on the subject. This comes up from time to time and there is some good information posted here. It has been said it is to disapate heat.
Steve, Thanks for this. I wondered if this thread might be the same as what I had seen with my plane. Looks like I'll have to remove and disassemble the wheel to make some minor maintenance to the heat sink ring to the brake drum.

Respecting the earlier advice for resetting the snug fitting heat sink, I'd run a tig bead in several places around the face of the ring. Usually welding will do some shrinking of the material. While the ring is on a bench measure its internal diameter then also measure the outside of the drum. You'll easily need .030 differences between the two before you torch heat for sliding on the rings. They don't normally go on until flush, go past that by about an eighth of an inch leaving the drum proud to the ring.

Some have used JB weld which is sort of crazy allowing for their actual purpose being on there in the first place.

I got fed up over the years fooling around with them and built a couple of new ones using 1/4" steel. I also found the drums can easily be .050" differences in diameters which needed to be allowed for when turning the sinks. I haven't had any problems in a long time swapping the aluminum ones out.

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