Pre-cover inspection log entry

1950 PacerFlyer

Batesville, IN
Does anyone have advise on what should be documented in a log book entry by the A&P / IA after his pre-cover inspection of a complete restoration, on a certified aircraft? Would that be the time to state, tubing stripped, epoxy primed, painted, cables replaced, parts…this, that, other was replaced, etc.? Or a simple entry saying everything checked, tight, cotter pins in, all parts attached, etc? With the complete list of work completed at the end, after finished, assembled, and returning to airworthiness status. Any guidance or even sample entry’s would be helpful. Thanks Rob
My A&P did the pre-cover inspection for my right wing yesterday, but no logbook entry. Same last year when I did the left wing. The only logbook entry was after everything was done and the entry simply said “performed pre-closer inspection on (date)”. The logbook entry covers two pages to list everything that was done from removing the wing to reinstalling it. You don’t need to list that cotter pins are installed, that is part of the inspection anyway.

Pacer N3342Z
Really depends on who your A&P/IA is and if you anticipate he/she will be around when the job is done. If there are things that are Major repairs like splicing spars, I would want those entries and 337s at the time the inspection was done. If it is just a look before covering and only parts were changed or minor repairs it’s not as big a deal.

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Yes, that was the thought. Nobody is promised tomorrow, who knows what could happen. Time it’s covered, painted, assembled it will easily be a year or likely more. Trying to have ducks in a row so that if another IA had to pick up on it he would be satisfied and feel comfortable. Trying to eliminate any future issues as much as possible.
The things that are important is how the fuselage was prepared for cover. Sandblasting/chemical strip/ ect. Next is what type of paint or power coat was used include part numbers for the product. Same for Fabric type/glue/Cover paint. Type paint/color including color code. This will make repairs down the line so much easier. Inspection, repair, parts replaced should always be listed with appropriate part numbers also. I don't think I have ever seen a entry about cotter pins.
I do it all at the end of a rebuild but if a different person is doing the work vs the inspection I would document all work up to this point. I maintain a Super Cub where the work from the rbuild was documented every few months with logbook entries.