Got an avemco quote the other day..
What are you 800 to 1000 hour total time pilots with less than 20 hours tw time paying for full tw coverage? My quote was for 2800 on an $80k ship for a year with 10 hours of dual. I thought it seemed fair.

My numbers are different than yours but I found them to be the most reasonable for the several years I've been using them.


Aerospace Risk Management Group I'm not sure they have offices everywhere, I'm dealing through an office in Michigan and happy with their response to my past issues.
Like Jim, I also use ARMG. They have been very easy to work with, have excellent customer service, and have great rates.
I have about 560 hrs, less than 20 tw. I was paying somewhere around $800/yr with $30k hull. They required me to have 1 hour of dual in type before I could fly it solo.
I am doing a lot of work to my airplane right now though, so they suggested changing my policy to ground only. I took their suggestion and my current rate is about $400/yr since I'm not flying it.
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