SB1379 - Rudder Inspection

Proposed AD:

(g) Required Actions

(1) At the applicable compliance time for the category type for your airplane specified in Table 2 to paragraph (g) of this AD, replace the rudder with a rudder that is equipped with a rudder post made from 4130N low-alloy steel.
Airplane modelCategory typeCompliance time
J–3, J3C–40, J3C–50, J3C–50S, J3C–65, J3C–65S, J3F–50, J3F–50S, J3F–60, J3F–60S, J3F–65 (Army L–4D), J3F–65S, J3L, J3L–S, J3L–65 (ARMY L–4C), J3L–65S. J–4, J4, J4A, J4A–S, J4E (ARMY L–4E), J4F.Category I Airplanes: Airplanes having both a rudder post mounted beacon light and a 150 or greater horsepower (HP) engine installedWithin 2 years after the effective date of this AD.
PA–11, PA–11S. PA–15.PA–16, PA–16S.Category II Airplanes: Airplanes having either a rudder post mounted beacon light or a 150 or greater HP engine installedWithin 3 years after the effective date of this AD.

PA–17. PA–18, PA–18S, PA–18 “105” (Special), PA–18S “105” (Special), PA–18A, PA–18 “125” (Army L–21A), PA–18S “125”, PA–18AS “125”, PA–18 “135” (Army L–21B), PA–18A “135”, PA–18S “135”, PA–18AS “135”, PA–18 “150”, PA–18A “150”, PA–18S “150”, PA–18AS “150”, PA–18A (Restricted), PA–18A “135” (Restricted), PA–18A “150” (Restricted).

Category III Airplanes: All other airplanes not in Category I or Category II that do not have a rudder post mounted beacon light and have an engine less than 150 HP installed

Within 5 years after the effective date of this AD.
PA–19, PA–19 (Army L–18C), PA–19S.
PA–20, PA–20S, PA–20 “115”, PA–20S “115”, PA–20 “135”, PA–20S “135”.
PA–22, PA–22–108, PA–22–135, PA–22S–135, PA–22–150, PA–22S–150, PA–22–160, PA–22S–160.
J–5, J5A (Army L–4F), J5A–80, J5B (Army L–4G), J5C, AE–1, HE–1.
PA–12, PA–12S.

I'm seeing 4130N (normalized) post required in the proposed AD. Looking at the Univair FAA/PMA approved rudder for the Vag description it's made out of 4130.

Also found this in the proposed AD:

Note 1 to paragraph (c): Most parts manufacturer approval (PMA) rudders are equipped with a rudder post made from 4130N low-alloy steel. This can be verified by reviewing the individual PMA.
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Steve, I know of at least two additional Piper PA-18 or PA-22 owners at AOPA. We are also still in shock about Richard, as are many in our aviation community, but I’m sure the proposed Piper rag-wing rudder AD will be addressed in a timely and appropriate fashion.
David T, PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer

Well, it looks like they are gonna propose the AD tomorrow. I was really hoping this was dropped. Unfortunately my contact at AOPA was lost in an airplane accident on Sunday. Time to draft a good letter and possible AMOC.
The Short Wing Piper club sent out an email to all members with a link to comment on the NPRM to submit our comments. The more of us provide comments, the better it is.

Pacer N3342Z
I can’t find the button on to make my comment. I can read comments and read the proposed AD.
I read all the comments but cannot make my comment online.


as Emily Latella (Lilly Tomlin) would say
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I got a call from Murray Huling (AOPA Legal Affairs). He got word from FAA Rulemaking that they will be granting the 90 day extension to the comment period. It should show up in the docket sometime next week. He indicated that FAA agrees that this is overkill and they will be reaching out to the type clubs for help on finding a better way to address this.
Rudder AD

For what it's worth ...
I searched through all the documentation and log book entries for my PA-16 and could find no evidence that my rudder was ever replaced or was made after1974. I opted not to do the testing offered in the Piper Service bulletin. My thinking was that by the time I find nitric acid (!), cut a hole in my fabric, tested, repatched, and repainted, I could build a new one which would look a lot better than a patched up one. So, I chose to replace my rudder at the cost of approximately $2100 (I covered it).

Now the question is … what to do with my old rudder?
Re: Rudder AD

Hang onto it and if the NPRM is rescinded as it may well be, you will have a spare.

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Re: Rudder AD

oops replied to the wrong response ... I'm not too good at this stuff. It's the BABECAVE!! and probably will do that.
Re: Rudder AD

Hahaha! We get it!
Well you are ahead of the game. Did you have any fit issues? Did it swap right on?