Six pack panel


Hi. Question concerning changing from original Piper pilot side instrument panel to the Univair STC six pack panel.

The Univair six pack panel pretty closely matches the current Piper plastic instrument panel.

I was expecting to find a floating panel behind the plastic panel cover in the same size and shape of the plastic panel. However it’s actually a fixed panel and spans the entire dash left to right and top to bottom.

For those that have done this, did you also have a one piece all encompassing (pilot and copilot sides) fixed panel? Did you cut out the center pilot side and overlay the STC panel over the empty space?

Thanks so much for any help.



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There is a PDF of the instructions on this thread:

It appears you will need to cut away portions of the original panel (below the original overlay) to accommodate the new instruments you wish to install.

Another option is to order a blank panel from Clyde Smith the Cub Doctor, and make your dream panel.
Just add ambition and dollars!
Many discussion threads on SWPO site with some CAD layouts etc. and Clyde can discuss on the phone perhaps.