The Fastest Shortwing ? Quick change artist!


I have two distinctly different missions .
Long distance travel usually alone and backcountry Alaska fishing ,hunting and supply.

For the last it’s 4 people and as much gear as possible or as much gear as possible on short runways or make do runways.
The Superpacer calls to me for that and that’s the way I want to go BUT by going the bushmaster route I can get pretty much the same thing with a bushmaster type experimental.

That opens up some other options one of which would be a faster wing.
What is the fastest wing you have seen on a tri pacer style fuselage?
What is the fastest wing to remove and replace you have seen ?
What’s about the fastest I can hope for starting with a base similar to a tripacer?
They both use the same airfoil. Flap and ailerons may vary but that will not be a huge speed killer. Experimental Slats which would help you get into short places can cost 7-10 MPH on the top end (remove for long trips). If you want to go fast then small tires/ fairings/covered gear/avoid hanging stuff on the wing struts. Engine and prop also are major players. A ground adjustable or constant speed prop will most likely have much more effect than the minor wing differences between the two planes unless you added slats. In general a stock round tip wing will be a bit slower than a extended/squared off wing tip, the type of tip also matters but not everyone can tell. With the right crew wing removal/replace is a one or two hour job if you are all set up and you are not rigging. All wings basically attach with the same 6 bolts, cables will all run the same unless you run some bastard system. Often times it is the little stuff like fuel lines, electrical, fairings that slow down a wing change. When you start adding a longer fuselage and bigger tail you are going to get more drag. There are so many variables that effect top end airspeed wings wings are often only a small effect on the top speed.

No reason to stay with either airfoil
what would be the ultimate airfoil for speed and how much improve ment could I expect ?
What’s the fastest wings to change you have seen ?
Superpacer is a STC change for a Pacer. If you want to change airfoil you are talking Bushmaster. Real fast wings tend not to be real slow for Short field work. Sounds like you need two planes. DENNY
Buy a Hughes 500 or a Bell 206. Faster than a Pacer/Super Pacer or Bear Hawk. You can only tie a helicopters landing distance once and I don’t think that it will buff out.
Just saying.
Man, think of how many pacers you could buy at the cost of a Hughes 500! Also, the Jetranger at work is all wrapped up at about 100 mph, which is less than what I cruise with a Borer prop.
The Pacer we used to get our 0-360 A1P with constant speed prop STC (firewall forward off a Husky with different exhaust and air box) will cruise at 140 MPH at 2400 RPM and 24 inches manifold pressure. Of course that airplane is fully faired and had small tires with fairings on. I know for a fact that it will fly over the red line in smooth air with the throttle against the panel.

I saw a video recently of a Pacer flying down a runway in the north east that had to have been going 200 mph. 8)
Younkin's Mystery Pacer could do about 160, but sure would not be a back country airplane with the little main tires and the prop he was using. Sensenich ground adjustable might make the difference for the prop, but changing the wheels and tires and removing the gear fairings would be a real pain.
I’ve seen airplanes land in 0 feet more than once and a much more practical 50 feet many times but more importantly like said before for the money involved I think I could afford to use a short wing as a single use aircraft. Dang those Hugh’s are expensive to buy and maintain!