Trim cable replacement


McCall, Idaho, United States
Found a broken strand in my trim cable so replacement is necessary, any tips on changing it out while still covered ?
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Already did that, now how to replace without tearing it apart too much, can it be done with the headliner in place? Any link to doing this out there?
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I haven’t done it, but you need to disassemble the trim wheel in the overhead. There are 2 pulleys above and just aft of the headliner, and of course you need to disassemble the jack screw. Not sure of the serial number change between the single groove and double groove system. If single groove, your idler and tension is in the tail. If double groove, there is a spring tensioner up front to the left of the trim wheel.
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It is a double groove system and I replaced the cable on a PA-20 restoration but there was no skin or headliner in the way.
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Take good pictures pictures of how the cable goes around the double groove pullies at the jack screw and trim handle. If you get the wrap wrong the cables will touch each other. Access through the headliner zippers and the hell hole in the aft fuselage. Use zip ties on the jack screw pully to keep the cable in place. Job I would start early in the day when I am more alert. Late afternoon I don't have the patience.
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Thanks Steve, as I thought a PITA job or more back and shoulder pain, maybe some ibuprofen to start the day. :icon_neutral: Don't worry, BE HAPPY! :p
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idahopacer, were you successful replacing your trim cable without too much disassembly? My trim jammed this morning, and I fear I could be headed for a cable replacement too. Any tips for how best to go about it? BTW I have a Colt, so I have no access through the belly:roll:. Thx!
It took a couple of days but I was able to fish it in there, like Steve says take some pics of the double pulleys and I made some drawings too. Was able to reach all the pulleys through the openings in the headliner and the dome light/speaker removed, did not have to remove the small guide pulleys to release the cable, just loosen them, unwrap the
double pulleys last. I zip tied the new cable to the old to pull it forward dealing with snags as they occurred paying attention to the indicator wire routing and any twisting the cable wants to do. This is the time to lube the seldom seen pulleys. I dont know how your going to get to the rear pulley without the belly access panal but support the tail if you have to crawl into the tail from the baggage area. work slow and have fun. :smile: